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Eo-Bul: domestic bovines superimposed by elephants?

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Joined: 10 Sep 2015
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PostPosted: Thu 24 May - 22:05 (2018)    Post subject: Eo-Bul: domestic bovines superimposed by elephants? Reply with quote

Superimpositions are often a matter of interpretation. Of course, we do not need a debate each time we document a superimposition, especially if confirmed by hundreds of similar superimpositions. However, superimpositions that look like an oddity require particular attention. The Eo-Bul elephant superimposing cattle figures presented by Yves Gauthier in 2017 during the Allevard meeting underwent public debate. I am grateful to Yves for the chance to discuss such interesting topic. Now, on the Cahiers N19, I read of such superimposition as a fact. It is not

The alternative explanation is missing in the paper, dismissed without reason. Here following I summarise the alternative interpretation of the odd superimposition photographed in Eo-Bul with a sketch and a comment in three steps:
1.    In the pre-pastoral era, perhaps during the fifth millennium before the CE, somebody painted a big elephant, drawn by contour, with a solid white infill. The white infill saturated the porosity of the sandstone (sandstone usually is a very porous rock)
2.    Much later, perhaps during the 1st millennium before the CE, someone painted two cattle figures with a prominent udder (i.e. domestic animals). The red paint penetrated into the rock porosity only where no older painting was present. The red paint of the cattle figures adhered to the ancient painted elephant but did not fill the rock porosity. Thus the red constituted a thin film on white.
3.    Aeolian weathering ablated the red colour superimposed on the elephant, but it affected less dramatically the elephant since the white paint deeply imbued the rock. The result? An apparent inversion of the superimposition relations and a clear-cut boundary between paintings. Both paintings continue to fade.
Nevertheless, I remember that it was possible to see (in Allevard, not on the printed picture) some red traces attributable to the forebody of the lower cattle.
Moreover, I recall that the white elephants in the Gherbescina shelter are visible without DStretch while the red elephants, although better protected by the shelter ceiling, are invisible to the naked eye. The white paint used by the archaic artists behaved like cement, much more resistant than the red. Maybe the binders or the chemical reactions with the rock were different. However, the “Ennedi Ancient White” is very robust (e.g. Sivré III).
I think that the superimposition of the Eo-Bul Elephant on cattle is purely apparent. There are Uweinat Roundhead that superimposes animals (dogs) at Bu Hlega in the Uweinat but likely because of a similar effect on feldspars (porous by weathering).  Apparent “Inversion” of superimpositions is a possible phenomenon to be always considered.
Now, enjoy my sketch.

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PostPosted: Thu 24 May - 22:05 (2018)    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Joined: 10 Sep 2015
Posts: 33
Localisation: ITALY

PostPosted: Mon 13 Aug - 08:35 (2018)    Post subject: Eo-Bul: domestic bovines superimposed by elephants? Reply with quote

Voici un bon exemple de ce qui peut arriver quand une peinture rouge se superpose à la peinture blanche. L'exemple est de l'abri peint de Gherbescina. Ici, une vache récente avec un berger (période finale de la période pastoral) superposée à une girafe schématique avec des taches violettes. L'ordre de superposition ne fait aucun doute en raison des petits détails clairs : voyez le bâton de lancement sur le cou de la girafe. Vous pouvez aussi voir la girafe émerger du corps de la vache parce que la peinture rouge n'a pas bien pénétré là où la roche était déjà peinte avec la peinture blanche. En fait, la peinture blanche a modifié la propriété de la roche (porosité et perméabilité). Par conséquent, sur le corps de la vache, vous voyez une inversion apparente de l'ordre de superposition. Avec peu d'ablation de la peinture rouge, vous finirez par croire que la relation est la superposition est blanc sur rouge ! La différence de composition des pigments doit être prise en compte.

Here following a good example of what may happen when a red painting superimposes a white painting. The example is from the Gherbescina painted shelter. Here a recent cow with a herdsman (Final pastoral period) superimposes a schematic giraffe with violet patches. There is no doubt about the superimposition order because of the clear small details: see the throwing stick on the giraffe neck. You can see that the back of the giraffe apparently emerges from the cow body because the red paint did not penetrate well where the rock was already painted with the white pigment. In fact, the white paint changed the property of the rock (porosity and permeability). Therefore, on the cow body, you see an apparent inversion of the superimposition order. With little ablation of the red painting, you will end up believing that the superimposition relation is white over red! The difference in pigments composition must be taken into account.

Menardi Noguera Alessandro, 2014. The Gherbescina painted shelters (Ennedi, Chad). Les Cahiers de l’AARS 17: 181-194.  

Bonne lecture/Enjoy.     


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